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Quality Control

A. Production Department - Production Machinery:
生產線-1                                             生產線-2                                             真空橡膠加硫成型機
Production line - 1                                    Production line- 2                         Rubber injection sulfuration forming machine
                                                                                                                      Vacuum Rubber sulfuration forming machine
m1_1 Production line - 1  m3_1 Rubber injection sulfuration forming machineVacuum Rubber sulfuration forming machine

Vacuum Rubber sulfuration                  Dispersion Kneader                                              Mix-refine machine - 2       
        forming machine
m2_1 Vacuum Rubber sulfuration forming machine m4_1 Dispersion Kneader m4_2 Mix-refine machine - 2
                   Ultrasonic mold cleaner         Steel ball-drum deckle edge cutting machine 

m5_1 Ultrasonic mold cleanerm6_1 Steel ball-drum deckle edge cutting machine 

B.Department of quality control
Inspection area                                                    IRHD hardness gauge                             Sulfurator
m7_1 inspection area m8_1 IRHD hardness gaugem9_1 Sulfurator

3D image measuring machine - 1        3D image measuring   machine - 2                           Second sulfuration oven
m10_1 3D image measuringm10_2 3D image measuringm11_1 second sulfuration oven

Company Name:
Country/Region: Taiwan      Address:No. 59-15, Ln. 156, Zhongzheng 3rd Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan.
Tel: 886-2-26791899
Fax: 886-2-26796280
Contact Person: Alice Huang
Job Title: Sales Assistant
Cell Phone: +886 9603624062


Rong Zhi Co., Ltd. One of the dedicated rubber and silicone product manufacturers in Taiwan, it was founded in 1988 and dedicated on rubber and silicone products development and manufacturing technology innovation. The main products including O-Ring, Rubber valve stem seal, packing, hydraulic oil seal, Rubber gasket, Rubber vibration mount, washer, Silicone Rubber products and other accessories which are used for sealing valves for oil, air and water, and in buffering. 

​Rong Zhi guarantees to produce highest quality product to meet customer’s requirements. We believe that "strict quality control, devotion service and customer satisfaction" is the way to continue innovation and improvement. We are honored to obtained ISO 9001 international certificate in 2002. We also introduce advance production equipment and inspections equipment to ensure the quality is 100% customer satisfied.

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